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Documentary Premiere: Announcement

czech embassy documentary premiere london

I am very pleased to announce that my new documentary Building Hitler's Empire is premiering at the refurbished Czech Embassy Cinema in London on Friday 27 October.

Everyone is invited to come and learn the forgotten story of millions of European men, women and children who were forced to work for the Nazis — including my great-grandfather.

czech forced labourer 1940s
Mirek Jeřábek, 1940s

The screening starts at 7pm and will last approximately 50 minutes. There will be time afterwards for a short Q&A discussion.

The documentary is in English language, with Czech subtitles. Any interviews in Czech and German language are subtitled in English.

After the premiere, the documentary will be released weekly as a three-part mini-series, each episode averaging around 20 minutes in length.

Given the sensitive nature of the topic and my person connection to it, I do not wish to profit from this film, and I am not entering it into any festivals.

Instead, I am accepting voluntary contributions from each attendee, which I will donate to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, organised by the British Red Cross, after the event.

Saalfeld Germany 2022
Saalfeld in Germany, 2022. I took this photo with the same AGFA camera my great-grandfather bought in Dresden over 80 years ago. Ironically, AGFA used forced labour during the war.

The choice of charity was easy. The ongoing War in Ukraine is affecting all of Europe, and Russo-Ukrainian relations are an important theme in my documentary.

For future updates, please follow this blog or my social media channels:

Facebook: Mirek Gosney

Instagram: @mirek_history98

Watch the trailer below and get your ticket at:

Tickets must be acquired online before the event. The last chance to get tickets is on Friday 20 October.

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