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Penny spent over ten years working in Film and Television Production in New York. After returning from the Big Apple to West Berkshire, Penny founded and still manages her popular local magazine, Penny Post.

Speaking on 4 Legs Radio, we discussed our creative backgrounds and the process of breaking into the UK Entertainment Industry today.

Penny Locke
Chris Kolonko

I spoke with the brilliant Chris Kolonko on the subject of Second World War British anti-invasion defenses. Chris is a seasoned Community Archeologist who works at CITiZAN. He has spearheaded several projects dedicated to studying and conserving First and Second World War defenses.

Our in-depth discussion documents the evolution of Britain's defensive strategy during the early 1940s, the height of Nazi invasion hysteria. We also cover the myths and misconceptions surrounding this topic and the processes and complications involved in recording wartime structures today.

Meet the BAFTA award-winning Writer/Director whose long and illustrious career spans across Film, Theatre, and Television. Debbie is perhaps best known as the creator of the Nativity franchise, which helped shape her into a household name.


I originally secured this interview on behalf of my students at The Pauline Quirke Academy. Debbie had plenty of wisdom to share about auditioning techniques, onset etiquette, and on how young people can best navigate the Entertainment Industry today.

Debbie Isitt
Melanie Hoyes_edited.jpg

I spoke with Melanie when she was still the Industry Inclusion Executive at the BFI about her role in promoting diversity, representation, and inclusion across the UK Film and Television Industries.


Melanie addressed her substantive research to explain how these practices have changed during the past ten years and how they could still improve in the future. I enjoyed hearing her professional input on this topic, so please do give it a listen.

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