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Mirek Gosney

British-Czech Writer / Filmmaker

My name is Mirek Gosney. Welcome to my website exploring untold and underrepresented histories. The creation of this site stemmed from my frustration with the whitewashed, straitjacket history presented in the classroom. This encouraged my interest in discussing forgotten and marginalized histories overlooked by popular historical narratives. All history is significant and continues to shape the world around us today. Other subjects I have written about include Film and Gaming.

I currently write as the Villages Reporter for the Newbury Weekly News. I also have a professional background in Theatre Production and Advertising as a Production Assistant and have taught Filmmaking to children and young adults.

Other Info

Member of the RAF Welford Historical Society.

Graduated with a 2:1 in BA Film and History from the University of Southampton. Received a First-Class Honours for my Dissertation evaluating the contributions of The Czechoslovak New Wave to Czech cinema in the 1960s.

(Photo Credit: Phil Cannings)

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